Tested & Perfected Processes

Extractions, Formulations, & APIs



Our hydrocarbon and live rosin extraction methods provide us with the capacity to create the highest quality extracts, retaining the unique flavour and aroma of Cannabis genetics.


Through our various extraction methods, we create an array of products such as live rosin, wax, shatter, diamonds and sauce. 

Our concentrates can be consumed using vaporizers and other Cannabis accessories. 


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

By isolating specific cannabinoids in our Cannabis extracts, we are able to create Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients which are applied in our specialized formulations or sold into the Pharmaceutical industry. 

Vape Packaging

In an effort to create a more consumer friendly experience, we have developed a reliable process for packing live rosin into vape cartridges without losing any terpenes or flavor preserving the product in its best form. 


Laboratory Testing and Development 

The quality and safety of our products is Willow Labs' priority and promise. Quality assurance is our focus, and our continuous quality improvement program ensures our methods and products continue to evolve with our consumers' needs.