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Craft Cannabis


Experienced Team

Our team has developed compliant large-scale hydroponic cultivation and processing facilities in Canada and the Caribbean. Successfully managed and licensed multiple operations in the MMAR, MMPR and the ACMPR. 

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Our award-winning genetics, refined through selective breeding programs, focusing on our three unique flavour profiles: Earthy, Fruity, and Citrus.
Within these flavour profiles, we shall produce both THC and CBD dominant strains for dried flower and extracts.

Cultivation Method 

After vigorously testing various methods of cultivation in large scale environments, we have identified rock wool and Deep Water Culture as the method that shall produce high quality, high yielding Cannabis flower and consistent viable mother plants. We have perfected a proprietary nutrient solution which complements this method and produces optimal results.
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Full Spectrum CBD

With the ever growing demand for CBD dominant products, our cultivation program is focused on producing consistent, high quality Cannabis flower. Through our genetic selection process, we shall continue to breed and select the best performing CBD dominant strains.
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